Are cheap tools worth it?

Whether you are professional or just amateur woodworker, having proper tools to complete whatever projects you come up with is super important.  But with growing number of companies and brands competing for your purchase, choosing the right tool has gotten pretty hard. There are cheap brands, expensive brands, And so many other kinds of brands. It’s just confusing, even for me, and even more so for a beginner.

Quality tools are expensive at first glance, but people who actually know the ins and outs of tools and how they operate, will quickly realize that high upfront cost of a tool is much better than alternative – getting cheap tool and either replacing it every year, or spending a fortune on repairing it. Except for obvious monetary expense, there’s also annoyance caused by malfunctioning of the tools. It can be very frustrating.

Thing is though, that some cheap brands like Ryobi aren’t that bad. They are just made for different kind of work. Cheap tools are usually intended for lighter use, for occasional woodworkers who do some DIY projects on weekends and that’s about it. More serious woodworkers and professionals, on the other hand, can’t and shouldn’t use these tools, and if they do, shouldn’t be surprised that they broke down. And all the time you have to waste to have it replaced or returned is just not worth the difference. So my only advice would be to stick with DeWalt and other quality brands. They may be expensive to buy, but they’ll save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Before making investment in any tool, you have to ask yourself – what am i going to use it for? That’s the key to making the right choice. If it’s small circular saw, will you be using it for basic functions only, and how often will you be using it. As mentioned above, if  you’re going to use tool every day, you better get high quality brand, or it will break down soon. Where is it going to be used? Most of the time it is in garage, sometimes it’s outdoors. This matters because you have to account for the space that tool will take. Some garages will be limited in space so you might want to try portable tools. There are also safety and millions of more concerns.  

Health and Psychological benefits of woodworking

disclaimer – i’m not a doctor.

Humans have been working with wood for as long as we’ve existed. We’ve been trying to make spears and other tools, use it as shelter, and burned it to get warm. It’s almost like working with wood is in our DNA. We’ve forgotten that for a long time, but now, i’m happy to note that woodworking is cool again. I see many youngsters get excited about DIY projects, buy tools and try to do the best they can to make a furniture or simple object.

 Most furniture made today is by professional woodworkers. Amateurs usually take longer but that’s the point of being an amateur. But what i’ve been wondering about, and wanted to share here is –  is woodworking good for your mental health? I’ve started thinking about this a while back, because to my surprise, woodworking had exceptionally calming effect on me. I would come back home, tired from work, and for some reason, i wasn’t lazy to work with wood. I was excited. So my love for woodworking grew organically, and i have been going at it ever since. I’d love to find out that it has health advantages as well. I have anxiety problem, and as far as i’ve noticed, woodworking does very good job of curing my anxiety.

For those who work on it professionally, probably not. I think woodworking is universally liked activity, because it’s wired in our DNA to enjoy making stuff. But too much of it can get boring.

But most people with tools aren’t professionals. They are average guys, who work boring jobs and come home to enjoy their hobby in their free time. By the way, i’ve heard of a lot of guys who got started as amateurs, and slowly moved into doing it professionally. I guess, deep down, that’s my dream too. Maybe after retirement.

So it’s not unlikely to find me in my garage, in middle of the night, working on something. It might be furniture for my friends or relatives, or for myself. Ideas come to me all the time, and sometimes i have to sacrifice sleep to get them all done. What can i say, i’m hooked. I recently got myself best wood splitting axe, and i can’t get enough of using it. 

So what’s so special about woodworking? First of all, i think woodworking is getting popular among young people because it gives them something they’ve been deprived of – possibility. Much like the game minecraft, piece of wood can be shaped according to your creativity. You can create something tangible and cool out of dull product, and i think that’s very intriguing. It stimulates creative part of your brain to come up with new designs and new solutions to existing problems. It basically allows your creativity to be wild. One newspaper article i’ve read, even said that woodworking can improve your long term memory and can reduce the risk of alzheimer’s. It’s also proven that the skills you improve when you work on DIY projects are transferable to real life. Funny as it may sound, thanks to woodworking, you might be able to advance in your career faster, or make decisions more rationally.

Essential tools for homeowners

Owning a home has always been my dream, and most Americans would probably feel the same. But to me, owning a home is more than just signing documents and having legal proof that this is your property. It’s more about becoming self sufficient and independent person, who can handle his (speaking from guy’s perspective) problems on his own. It’s almost like becoming adult. Which means, that, sometimes when something breaks or malfunctions, you should be able to fix it on your own. At least basic stuff. And you and me are in luck, because we live in era which allows us to buy variety of simple, yet effective tools for homeowners.. Here are few of the tools off the top of my head, there are probably other tools that might be better suited for this list, but i’m writing this based on my personal experience and by no means do i claim that it’s universal truth.

 First, i wanted to get started with basic tools for taking care of your yard. These are – lawn mower, leaf blower, shovel, cultivator. And the list is endless, but i’ll just discuss these, because i have experience of owning them.

Buying separate lawn mower isn’t necessary, but in my opinion, if you have big yard, it’s definitely worth the investment. Mowers price range usually varies between few hundred and few thousand dollars. And if that seems crazy to you, that’s because you haven’t calculated costs of paying someone else to do the job for you. Simply put, quality lawn mower will recoup its cost in few years. Although, we should also factor in cost of your time and energy. Some people hate mowing their yards, and if that’s you, i guess it would be smart to outsource.  I think purpose for having a shovel is obvious, same for leaf blower and cultivator. I must say though, that shovel is a must have. It’s very handy and cheap.

Then there’s my second favorite hobby in the world – DIY and woodworking. If you’re not into it, that’s fine, and you can skip this part of the post. But i have to say that nothing gives me bigger sense of accomplishment than making furniture out of scratch on my own. We humans have evolved to interact with tools and make something tangible from them, and in 21st century, that doesn’t happen. My job doesn’t offer that sense of accomplishment, but luckily i have woodworking to fill the void. I strongly advise everyone to get at least a circular saw. Even the top notch worm drive saws are affordable, yet they are very useful and agile. Check my favorite saws on this tutorial by TheSawExpert. Circular saw is the best kind of saw i know, it can do literally anything that other saws can’t. Sometimes it does require effort, but that’s just one small flaw.

 I hope you have nice home-owning experience, and i hope i helped.

How to maintain healthy diet while eating delicious fast foods

Fast foods have a very bad rap–and it’s not totally unwarranted. Most burger and fast eat restaurants have been created for folks that want something delicious and affordable in their menu in a nutshell, whatever the calorie cost.

But times have changed since the first drive-thru opened in 1947. People don’t just want their food that is fast to be, well, quickly, they also want it to become healthy enough to maintain them on a path toward rapid weight loss. Trouble is, it is not always easy to spot a waistline-friendly menu option. In reality, through our extensive research on the matter, we have begun to discover that surplus calories, fat, and sodium tend to be hiding in the dishes you’d most expect.

To help you browse all of your favorite eateries effortlessly, we’ve created this quick n’ dirty guide to fast food territory and stuffed it with nuggets of advice every dieter has to know. Bookmark this site and refer back prior to ordering your next lunch on the long run.

Only a few decades back, you can pull up to the Arby’s window, so order a grilled chicken sandwich, and be fairly sure you’re maintaining lunch under 500 calories. However, the series took a step backward by eliminating its roast chicken line. Credit Arby’s for nixing the trans fat out of the skillet years ago, however, the restaurant only offers one particular facet that hasn’t experienced a long soak in a bath of hot oil.

A normal roast beef or Melt Sandwich can help save you an average of almost 300 calories over a Market Fresh sandwich or wrap.

The world-famous burger baron has come a long way since the book of Fast Food Nation–at least nutritionally speaking. The trans fats are derived from its own oils, the amount of sugar has already been diminished, and you can find more healthy choices, such as sausage and yogurt parfaits than ever before. Still, too many of the breakfast and lunch things still high the 500-calorie markers, and the dessert menu is a total mess.

At breakfast, look no farther than the Egg McMuffin–it remains one of the most effective methods to start your day from the fast-food entire world. Grilled chicken and Snack Wraps produce for a lunch.

BK invites you to “Take a Rest out of Boredom.” You will certainly not be bored if you look down into panicked terror at the bathroom scale. The rule of thumb in Burger King would be leery of anything that was devised after Taylor Swift has been created: Newfangled options such as sugar-loaded smoothies and coffee beverages with nearly as many calories as a Whopper only make eating well harder. Fortunately, standbys such as the Whopper Jr., fundamental burgers and apple slices supply you with a way out.