Are cheap tools worth it?

Whether you are professional or just amateur woodworker, having proper tools to complete whatever projects you come up with is super important.  But with growing number of companies and brands competing for your purchase, choosing the right tool has gotten pretty hard. There are cheap brands, expensive brands, And so many other kinds of brands. It’s just confusing, even for me, and even more so for a beginner.

Quality tools are expensive at first glance, but people who actually know the ins and outs of tools and how they operate, will quickly realize that high upfront cost of a tool is much better than alternative – getting cheap tool and either replacing it every year, or spending a fortune on repairing it. Except for obvious monetary expense, there’s also annoyance caused by malfunctioning of the tools. It can be very frustrating.

Thing is though, that some cheap brands like Ryobi aren’t that bad. They are just made for different kind of work. Cheap tools are usually intended for lighter use, for occasional woodworkers who do some DIY projects on weekends and that’s about it. More serious woodworkers and professionals, on the other hand, can’t and shouldn’t use these tools, and if they do, shouldn’t be surprised that they broke down. And all the time you have to waste to have it replaced or returned is just not worth the difference. So my only advice would be to stick with DeWalt and other quality brands. They may be expensive to buy, but they’ll save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Before making investment in any tool, you have to ask yourself – what am i going to use it for? That’s the key to making the right choice. If it’s small circular saw, will you be using it for basic functions only, and how often will you be using it. As mentioned above, if  you’re going to use tool every day, you better get high quality brand, or it will break down soon. Where is it going to be used? Most of the time it is in garage, sometimes it’s outdoors. This matters because you have to account for the space that tool will take. Some garages will be limited in space so you might want to try portable tools. There are also safety and millions of more concerns.  

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